The Mitta Valley Landcare Group has a lot to celebrate as the 2012 draws to close.  Our 3 Year Strategic Plan sets clear direction and objectives aimed at caring for and enhancing our precious natural assets and farm lands.  On11 Dec, Landcare Members enjoyed a social evening on the banks of the Mitta River where the Plan was presented.

'Communities of Interest' will be created to pursue five major project areas.  Participation is invited from across the community to join forces with Landcare members to undertake these projects that will benefit the whole of the Mitta Valley.  Strengthening relationships with our local schools, government agencies, business and community will continue as a key objective.  There will also be greater emphasis on capacity building and enabling the Group to drive and achieve positive and sustainable environmental outcomes.

Major Project Opportunities
Will strengthen the linkages with our local schools to support their curriculum, increase understanding of the importance of caring for our environment.  A Bush Tucker Garden is planned for Eskdale PS.  Learning about to grow and use native plants will be shared with Mitta PS students.  Building partnerships with our local agencies and businesses will form part of all projects and works undertaken.

This Project will develop a descriptive guide to the flora and fauna of the Mitta Valley.  Project outputs will serve as an educational tool for local residents, visitors and schools and encourage more people to protect the environment and habitat of these precious assets.  This may lead to the creation of bio-link corridors to facilitate the movement of birds and wildlife into different parts of the landscape   A sub-project specifically focusing on Greater Gliders is included.  The project provides opportunities for fun and friendship and will build the social capital within our community. 
Focus on Flora &
Fauna of the Mitta Valley

This Project will develop a River Health and Stability Plan for Mitta Valley designed to adopt a coordinated approach to activities traditionally undertaken by our Landcare Group.  These include the reducing the erosion of river and creek banks, fencing off banks, revegetation of native grasses and trees along river and creek banks and supporting sustainable agricultural practices. 
River Health &

This Project will develop a comprehensive Soil Biodiversity and Soil Health Strategy incorporating a range of programs to suit the interests and needs of our members.  These may include pasture and grazing management, management of pest weeds and animals, protection of natural vegetation and increasing organic matter and available soil nutrients.
Soil Biodiversity &
Soil Health

This Project will develop a Catchment Plan for the Fairyknowe Creek designed to halt the erosion of creek banks, revegetate and restore a broad band of native vegetation along its banks and help to support sustainable agriculture for landholders in the Fairyknowe Valley and surrounding area.
Fairyknowe Creek

If you would like to know more or want to get involved in any of our projects, please contact Desiree Harker, Landcare Facilitator and Secretary, Mitta Valley Landcare Group  (02) 6072 0256.